What Kind Of Towel Does The Baby Use To Protect The Skin?

- May 24, 2020-

First of all, analyze the problem, and we can see from the problem

It is aimed at infants;

What kind of towel is the product;

Baby towel              hooded towel baby

Then according to the needs of customers to infer what kind of sweater to choose. We list some of the necessary requirements for infants to use the product:

1. Don't lose color or hair.

2. It is soft and comfortable, not hard, and does not make the skin feel hot and painful when it is used.

3. No formaldehyde additive, no carcinogenic aromatic amine, no whitening fluorescent agent

The above three points are the basic requirements of the baby for the product. If you want to make the baby more comfortable, you should also have the following requirements when choosing the towel:

1. Bacteriostatic skin care

2. PH 6.5 pH (baby skin texture)

When towels are selected, you should learn to disinfect them. Although you don't need to do the work like professional anti-virus, you should also make sure that there is no viscous substance or peculiar smell on the towels. How to disinfect your towels at home?

So in daily life, how should we disinfect towels?

1. Keep good ventilation

2. Towel should not be placed in toilet for a long time

3. Take out the towel and bask in the sun every once in a while(wash the towel with detergent in the sun)

4、 Towels can be antibacterial