What Is A Beach Towel? What's The Use?

- May 22, 2020-

Beach towel, in fact, is a kind of name for foreigners. Many foreigners use beach towel. However, it is rare in China, which has something to do with the domestic consumption level and life concept. Beach towel is also called beach towel. The process is cut down printing. In fact, the beach towel is the same size as our domestic bath towel, and its material is also pure cotton. Then what is the cashmere printing process weaving? Cashmere cutting is a treatment process of bath towel. Both sides of the bath towel are Terry from the loom up and down, and the printing products now require to be printed on the flat and smooth cloth surface. Then what shall I do? So there's cashmere cutting technology. To cut down is to cut the coil in half, so that the bath towel is suitable for printing. The high-level factory can print like oil painting, and it is also high-grade as decoration. Now, foreign products generally require cutting down, because the cutting down products are delicate in color and comfortable in hand.

Below you can see two pictures of beach towel, through the pictures to understand the beach towel.

beach changing towelbeach towel with elastic

After finishing the process of beach towel, now why is it called beach towel? What's its purpose? As the name suggests, beach towels are widely used on the beach.

With the development of the times, the transportation is more and more convenient. Whether it's south of the mountain or north of the sea, in the hot summer, people like to go to the seaside for summer vacation. Especially in today's metropolis, the walls are made of cement and steel. People are eager to relax themselves during the holiday. The beach is always a sea of joy. Here, you can take off your shoes, relax your feet, and experience the softness of the sand. However, no matter how fun the beach is, no matter how attractive it is, when you are tired of playing, you still can't lie down and rest, especially for the beautiful women with long hair floating. Once you lie down in the sand, it's estimated that you can't wash your hair more than ten times, and you can't clean the fine sand. What should we do? The emergence of beach towel is to help people solve this problem, so that people can play at ease, and rest on the beach towel when tired. Beach towel is generally very wide and large. Like bath towel, it can be draped on the body, wrapped on the waist, tied on the head and neck, and can also be used to wipe the body. However, the most important way for beach towel is to spread it on the beach to help people stay away from the tide and sand, so that people can lie on the beach and enjoy the sunshine bath.

In addition, beach towel has many uses, fashion, fitness, swimming, home use, can also be used as towel quilt, sofa cushion and so on.