Operation Method Of Wearing And Taking Off Isolation Clothing

- Aug 04, 2020-

isolation clothing

1. Wear isolation clothes

(1) Wear mask and cap, take off watch, roll sleeve over elbow (roll over middle of forearm in winter).

(2) Take off the isolation clothes by holding the collar, clean and face yourself; fold both ends of the collar outward, align with the shoulder seam, and expose the inner opening of the sleeve.

(3) The right hand collar, the left hand into the sleeve; the right hand pull up the collar, so that the left hand into the exposed.

(4) Change the left hand to hold the collar, the right hand into the sleeve; raise both hands to shake the sleeve, pay attention not to touch the face.

(5) Hold the collar with both hands, buckle the collar button back along the edge from the center of the collar, tie up the cuff (at this time, the hand has been contaminated), and loosen the belt loop.

(6) Pull one side of the clothes forward about 5cm below the waist until you see the edge. Pinch the other side with the same method, and pay attention not to touch the inside of the clothes. Then align the edges of your hands behind your back and fold to one side. Press the fold with one hand, pull the belt to the back and press the fold with the other hand. Cross the belt at the back and tie it back to the front.

2. Take off the isolation clothes

(1) Untie the belt and tie a knot in front.

(2) Untie the two cuffs and tuck part of the sleeve sleeve into the sleeve at the elbow to facilitate disinfection of hands.

(3) After disinfecting and cleaning the hands, untie the collar button, put the right hand into the sleeve of the left wrist, pull down the sleeve to pass through; use the covered left hand to hold the outside of the sleeve of the right hand isolation coat, pull down the right sleeve, and gradually withdraw the hands from the sleeve.

(4) With the left hand from the inside of the garment to hold the shoulder seam, remove the right hand, and then use the right hand to hold the outside of the collar, fold back, and take out the left hand.

(5) Hold the collar with the left hand, align the two sides of the isolation clothes with the right hand (if hanging in the semi polluted area, the clean face of the isolation clothes should be outward, if hanging in the polluted area, the pollution side should be outward), and hang it on the clothes hook. Take off the clean side of the isolation clothing that is no longer worn, roll it up and put it into the pollution bag.

When cleaning isolation clothing is only used once, the method of wearing isolation clothes is the same as that of general methods, and there are no special requirements. When taking off the isolation clothes, the clean face should be outward, the collar and the edge of the clothes should be rolled to the center, and the hands should be disinfected after discarding the clothes.