Maintenance And Cleaning Of Blanket

- May 13, 2020-

Blanket maintenance

1. When raising blankets, it is strictly prohibited to get damp to avoid mildew, exposure to the sun and heat to prevent deterioration of luster, rough feel, and application of insect repellent to prevent moth eaten.

2. It can avoid berm and fold under heavy pressure.

glow in the dark blankets

Blanket cleanin

1. Good quality detergent and neutral low alkali detergent should be washed at about 35 ℃.

2. The blanket cannot be machine washed. To keep the blanket clean and reduce the times of washing, a blanket cover can be added to the blanket.

3. In use, the blanket shall be often dried and gently patted to remove the sweat, dust and scurf stuck on the blanket, keep the blanket clean and dry, and prevent moth and mildew.

4. It also needs to be dried before storage. Put a few paper wrapped camphor balls in the folded blanket, then pack them in plastic bags, seal them and store them in a dry cabinet.