How To Tell If The Towel Is Good Or Bad

- Oct 29, 2018-

The quality of towel fabrics is mainly identified from three aspects: physical indicators, weaving defects, and appearance defects. In addition to physical indicators that need to be measured by the instrument, the weaving defects and appearance defects are collectively referred to as surface defects, which can be determined by external inspection.

1, weaving defects. It mainly includes the warp, the weft break, the exposed bottom (ie, the unhairing), the roughing, the terry, the flat cloth (the opposite side of the single-face towel), the burr, the curling, the tooth edge and the seam jumping needle. The above problems can usually be identified by looking at the sun or by tiling.

2, the appearance is awkward. Mainly including discoloration, color mixing, rust stains, stains, oil stains, wood printing skew and mold lake unclear. This is a problem of printing and bleaching, which can generally be identified by eyesight.

3, fragile defective products. This is due to improper bleaching and color development, oxidized cellulose or hydrolyzed cellulose, causing the fabric to be brittle. A serious hand is broken. In general, fabrics are grayish white or grayish, and all have such problems. Or take out two cotton yarns from the fabric. If the yarn breakage is relatively brittle, the quality is good; there is no crisp sound, indicating that there is something wrong.