How To Choose The Right Bathrobe

- Jul 16, 2020-

Bathrobe is one of the personal products with practical and luxury characteristics. It allows you to enjoy the treatment of a five-star hotel and Spa at home. Today, We will tell you how to choose the bathrobe that you want.

hooded bathrobe

First, it's important to note that not all bathrobes are the same. Many bathrobes come in men's and women's sizes. But some of them are for men and women. We often have children's bathrobes, as well as all bathrobes, bathrobes and small bathrobes. There are thick robes and light robes. Finally, there are gowns made of various materials, including terry cloth and waffle (honeycomb like attapulgite). These gowns are made of Terry Cotton and waffle fabric.

Here are some useful tips on how to find a bathrobe that suits you best for your budget.

Fabric type:

The fabric has a lot to do with the robes you can use and how you feel when you put it on. The best fabrics are Terry and waffle. Towel fabric thick plush fabric, waffle fabric lighter, thinner. Cotton gowns are best for bathing because their fabric absorbs moisture quickly. However, there are many different forms of cotton. There are low, medium and high grade cotton fabrics. In addition to terry cloth, waffle fabric is also a popular choice for gowns. Waffle fabrics are characterized by their lighter weight, but less thermal insulation than towel cloth.

Material: Cotton

Cotton is always the best choice for bathrobes because of its high absorption of water and liquids. After a bath, touch your skin and feel as soft as a cotton bathrobe. Cotton Bathrobe is very comfortable and soft. Cotton has two different characteristics. The first is low-grade cotton, which uses cotton to mix various options and produce commodities in large quantities. The second type of cotton is high-grade cotton. These second class cotton is known for its softness and elegance. Top grade cotton is Turkey, Egypt, islands, Pima and Supima. The quality of Egyptian Cotton Bathrobes is well known in the market and is one of the best choices you can choose from.

However, 100% Cotton Bathrobes have some small problems. Cotton wrinkles easily. It also shrinks after cleaning. In order to avoid this problem, manufacturers often combine cotton with polyester, or make Cotton Bathrobes wrinkle free.


Polyester is a kind of man-made fabric, unlike cotton. Polyester is often blended with cotton to prevent bathrobes from shrinking or wrinkling too quickly after washing. Microfibers or Microfleece are examples of polyester blends. These blends feel a bit like a combination of plush and silk. Microfiber is favored by many companies, especially luxury hotels and spas around the world.

Bathrobe style:

There are many different styles of bathrobes, including kimonos and shawl collars. The shawl collar usually surrounds your neck as if you were around your shawl. The shawl collar robe will give you maximum warmth and comfort. Kimono gowns offer a more classic cut with long sleeves and a streamlined neckline. Kimono gowns are popular for their fashionable appearance and lightweight comfort. Many kimono gowns are offered by hotels and spa. The hooded robe is suitable for the cold environment in winter. The hooded bathrobe can protect and keep your wet hair warm after bathing or swimming. In addition, the bathrobe cap will provide additional warmth around the neck and head area.

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