How To Choose A Towel

- Oct 29, 2018-

(1) The quality of the texture towel is fluffy and soft, which gives a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. It feels elastic in the hand and sticks to the face like a spring breeze, giving people a feeling of affection. Feel that the towel should not be dry and hard to avoid hurting your skin.

(2), whether it is printed towel or plain towel, as long as the materials are used, the craft is in place, it must be very bright, at first glance there is a sense of freshness, avoid buying old towels, because the towel is generally simple, The materials used are very poor and hinder health.

(3), pattern Towel is still a kind of art, is a kind of decoration, giving people a spiritual enjoyment, and it will not be seen in any place in the room. The good towel pattern is clear, the printing is accurate, full, novel and contemporary. Don't buy shoddy, fake-like counterfeit goods, so as not to lower your taste and contaminate your home.

(4), the absorbent towel has a strong requirement for hydrophilicity, the towel is smashed, the moisture is dried, and the dust is exhausted. This requires high quality cotton yarn, advanced scouring and printing process, perfect testing and inspection. Means, rubbing your face with slippery, non-absorbent, non-decontaminating towels can affect your quality of life.

(5), style work towel can have a variety of different styles, there are spiral, cut velvet, plain, printing, but also can add satin, satin, embroidery, decal, rowing, inlay and other processes means. Such towels are generally made of materials, high quality, plus fine seams, horizontal and vertical, just the right trademark sewing, etc., the towels look very elegant, can not pick the fault, people can not put it down, avoid buying those shoddy, No trademarks and towels of the exact origin.