Gifts And Gift Towels

- Oct 29, 2018-

There are many types of gift towels, and there are many creative gadgets made of towels. This is more creative. Suitable for young children or young people with high life interests, after all, this is more creative! There is also a kind of gift towel that is required to be beautifully packaged or of higher grade.


Gift towels can be divided into different types according to different simulation styles: candy, ice cream, wedding, cake, cartoon animal, rose and so on. The product has a single product and a combination set. Depending on the creativity, the variety is varied, and there are constantly new creative products.


In addition to the ornamental gifts, the towel can be used as a daily use after the packaging is removed. Gift towels are generally made of single or combination of cotton square or face towel. The packaging can be divided into simple (OPP plastic bags), boxed (pvc plastic boxes, gift boxes) and so on.