Gift Towel Making Method

- Oct 29, 2018-

Gift towels can be divided into different types according to different simulations: candy, ice cream, wedding, cake, cartoon animals, roses and so on. There are single items and combination sets. Depending on the concept, there are many different types, and there are new products that are constantly being conceived.


A method for making a cake-shaped gift towel ornament, a method for preparing a cake-type towel ornament, characterized in that a paper sheet which is formed into a skeleton of a cake shape is stacked, and a towel fabric is folded, and in more detail, a method in which a lining paper having a folded portion is formed on each of the top faces of the polygonal face and housed in a towel fabric larger than the backing paper, and the top face portion is changed to a top surface side. The folded portion is folded back together with the towel fabric, and the folded article is placed in a cake cup having the same shape as the opening portion of the opening portion to form a cake shape.


Gift towel color hipster style prevails. It is not only integrated into the rich and beautiful European, American, Japanese and Korean personalities, but also contains deep oriental art ideas. The planning is daring and fashionable, and is very popular among people at home and abroad.