Daquan Of The Family Of The Beach Towel

- Dec 10, 2018-

For beach towels, as long as you know the correct number of the tie, you can easily become a seaside fashion beauty. It can be a long-sided girdle or a simple neck-twisting method. Simple tricks can not only protect the sun, but also show the charm of the body.

In summer, when you travel to the beautiful and romantic seaside, it is indispensable to have elegant and beautiful beach towels. In particular, many people like to travel to some tropical countries such as Thailand and Bali. But the weather in these tourist attractions is very hot. In addition to sunscreen, sunglasses should be worn. Not only that, fresh beach towels are much lighter and better looking than heavy sunscreen clothes. But many girls said they would not wear this kind of scarf. Therefore, the following is a detailed analysis of how to dress beautifully.

I. Simple Circumference Method

This system is very simple and suitable for those who wear white clothes. Just fold your favorite scarf and circle it back and forth, then loosely cross it over your chest. Or put it on one side of your shoulder. If you choose bright red, dark green, light yellow and other colors, it is recommended to wear a White Chiffon slacks or skirt. It's easy to make you a beautiful seaside scenery.

2. Long Scarf Shawl

The main feature of this tie is to deliberately leave a third of the length on the right shoulder, and then slightly circle the excess part of the left shoulder, put it on the right shoulder. It is simple, convenient, refreshing and aesthetic. It also has a good effect of thinning, can cover up the broad shoulders well. At this time, you just need to wear a pair of super shorts on the lower body. Bold show slender legs, both sexy and charming.

The other is to wrap the beach scarf symmetrically around the chest, and then tie a large flat knot, you can go out beautifully. It can be a simple white dress that fills you with feminine charm.