Daily Use Precautions For Towels

- Oct 29, 2018-

Towels are a necessity we all use in our daily life. If we use them properly, they will have a lot of effects. But if we don't pay attention to washing them, it may bring great harm to our health. The most common problem is that towels smell bad. Then towels smell bad. What does it mean? What do you do with the smell of towels? Let's take a look together.

Improper use of towels to cause cancer and harm health

At least three towels for men should be used separately for washing face, feet and bath. At least four towels should be prepared for women. On the basis of washing face, feet and bath, a private towel should be added. Many towels are dyed. The newly bought towels are slightly discolored for the first time and are normal. If the color continues to fade, there are two possibilities, one is that the towel is a reprocessed product, the other is that the towel uses inferior dyes. Poor dyes contain aromatic amine and other carcinogens. When the human body contact with towels containing aromatic amines for a long time, aromatic amines are easily absorbed by the skin, causing cancer or allergy. So, take the towel that inferior dye dyes comes out to wash a face, wash a face with industrial waste water is same, can damage skin seriously, endanger health.

Why do the towels used everyday are so disgusting?

The reason why 1. towels are yellow and smelly

When we wipe the sweaty and oily skin with a towel and do not clean it regularly, the towel is easy to store fat and dirt, and over time it is easy to feel sticky, and dry will yellowing or produce odor.

(2) If your bathroom environment is not ventilated, and after each use of towels and not completely twisted dry, this time water will be stored in the bottom of the towel, the lower edge will produce moldy phenomenon, towels will naturally produce odor and even yellowing phenomenon.

Why do 2. towels become hard?

When the towel is used for a long time, the feathers will fall off. When the towel's feathers fall off and only the bones are left, the towel will harden.

(2) towels are not completely cleaned, and fiber remains for a long time.

(3) after the towel was washed, the Terry was entangled.

(4) Free calcium and magnesium ions in water combine with soap and adhere to towels, which is also a major cause of towel hardening.

3.. Wash your face towels alone.

suggests that towels for washing the face should be used independently, not to wipe sweat or body, but only after washing the face. Because when using towels to wipe the body, the body secretions, bacteria, dirt, grease easily adhere to the towel. Whether it's a towel for your face or body, it's best to wash it once a week, so that the bacteria on the towel won't hurt your skin.