Towel Travel

Towel Travel

Material : microfiber
MOQ : 100pcs
Sample Charge/Time : 250USD/13days
Package : mesh bag, opp bag or custom Lead Time : 45 days/negotiation
Package :mesh bag, bottle, pop can,etc.
Custom size,color,logo.

Product Details

Product Description

High quality ultra soft and durable fabric, keep the towel microfiber fresh and away from mildew & germ.The suede material with features of travel towels is soft and smooth, is more gentle and friendly to our skin.

The Microfibre Sport Towel is perfect for beach, bath , pool, swimming, boating, fitness, yoga, travel, camping, hiking, picnic, travel,outdoor&sport, etc. Microfiber towels is also suitable hair drying, cleaning cloth,wiping dishes.

We choose environmental protection material , makes it safe for your body, portable cases can always suit for travel and camping.

More Absorbent; Faster Drying: No more sticky, sweaty feeling. Your Newverest microfiber towels absorb several times their weight in moisture, then quickly wick it away to keep you comfortably dry.

It will never become your burden that you can dry quickly and no longer wet, when you go camping, When you travel, it will save space and accompany you to where you want to go.





Promotional Logo Option

Our company welcome client custom logo on towel. We can print client full cover design or samll logo.

Gym Towel Material Option logo option

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Why Choos Us

Our towels is high-performance and multi-purpose quick-drying towels, which bring more convenience to your life.

In the gym, you can use it to wipe the sweat from your face and body.

When camping, you can hang it on a branch to dry quickly.

On the beach, you can lie on it and enjoy the cool sea breeze and the afternoon sunshine.

You will get a mesh bag and two towel in the suit.

We can custom your size, design and logo.


Q 1: What are the Washing instructions ?

Not certain what the label said (I cut it off) but I have washed these repeatedly in warm water and dry on medium. Just takes a few minutes in the dryer... they’re quick-drying towels!

Q 2: If needed,is it okay to wash and dry them at hottest temperatures?is it same material as hair towels?is it treated for antibacterials?any smell?

Hi! We do not recommend to dry them at hottest temperatures. It's not same material like hair towels. The hair towels use terry clothe, our towels made with suede cloth. It's too microfiber but different type of clothe. Yes, the towel is antibacterials. Out towels don't have any smell, however we strongly recommend wash it before first use.

Q 3: These towels are much thinner than i expected. do they really absorb enough water for a shower or the beach?? they have no nap. i expected more nap.

Very absorbent but different feel than regular towel.

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