What's the difference between sports towel and ordinary towel?

- Dec 13, 2019-

1. Water absorption

Sports towel and ordinary towel have certain water absorption. However, there are also differences in water absorption, and this difference is mainly due to the different materials and manufacturing processes. The ordinary towel is usually made of polyester or cotton, while the exercise towel is usually made of superfine fiber, bamboo fiber and other materials and more optimized production process, which has enhanced the water absorption. Therefore, sports towel is more absorbent than ordinary towel.

2. Air permeability

When people exercise, towel and body contact, so its permeability should also have a stronger effect, so as to ensure the comfort of exercise. While ordinary towels are generally used for face washing, hair drying, etc., and the requirements on air permeability are not high enough. Therefore, the air permeability of sports towel is better than that of ordinary towel.

3. size

When people exercise, exercise towels need to be in close contact with the body of the sportsman to ensure that they are not easy to slide off from the human body, so the length of exercise towels is generally longer, while ordinary towels should be convenient for face washing, not too long, so the size of exercise towels is longer than ordinary towels.

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