What are the reasons for the damage of the big bath towel?

- Oct 29, 2018-

the hotel uses a large bath towel to analyze from the chemical aspect

(1) Hotel bath towel washing water requirements: PH value 6.5 - 7; total hardness does not exceed 50ppm; iron does not exceed 0.1mg / L; manganese does not exceed 0.05mg / L calcium and magnesium in hard water with a positive charge during washing Calcium and magnesium soap is formed, and the white plant is grayed on the deposited fabric, which loses luster and changes the color light, which seriously causes the fiber to become brittle, broken, and has low fastness.

(2) The large bath towel is washed and the water is unclear, and the formed chemicals remain in the towel fiber. Alkaline chemical residue. Although alkaline chemicals are safe for cotton fibers during the washing process, they do not damage the fibers of the towels. However, if the water is too clear, the alkaline detergent will remain in the towel fibers. After the towels are dried, the towels will be grayed out. Hardens and softness decreases. As we all know, the use of hotel towels and tablecloths and sheets is completely different. Tablecloths and sheets are used under static conditions, while towels are used under dynamic conditions. Regular bedding and twisting require towels to be soft. Any hardening of the towel caused by any reason may reduce the tightness of the towel.

(3) Residue of chlorine bleaching agent. Chlorine bleaching agent is a kind of oxidizing agent which is strong in washing chemicals. Its bleaching function can remove the pigment on most cloth parts during rinsing, but it will cause some damage to cotton fiber. In the reasonable amount of delivery, the pH value of 10.5 is controlled below 70 degrees, which is relatively safe and normal. However, when the dosage and temperature control are not proper, the chlorine bleach residue is formed. For the fabric, the damage is unquestionable. It is better to use oxygen bleach to reduce the damage to plants, and 90% of the hotel's dirty linen does not need oxidation treatment. The hotel laundry room can be washed regularly with a rich ion detergent. It can extend the life of hotel towels, reduce the loss of linen and save energy.

(4) The neutralizer is the chemical that is placed in the last procedure in the normal washing process. After the release, it can neutralize the previous washing procedures and a small amount (≤10ppm) of alkaline chemicals remaining in the cloth after passing the water. Chlorine bleach and dissolve some metal ions in the water. The correct dosage can adjust the PH value of the cloth to between 5.5 and 6.5, which is consistent with the PH value of the human body. It is safe, the fabric will still be in the normal service life, but the neutralizing agent is not used properly. Will make the fabric sour, which will reduce the fabric fastness.