What Are The Qualities Of A Good Sport Towel?

- Jan 11, 2019-

When searching for the best sport towel, most people opt for something soft and durable. It's also important to choose an absorbent towel, so you can wipe your sweaty brow more than once before the towel is soaked and rendered useless. You should also choose a towel that doesn't take too long to dry and won't create excess lint in the dryer. Depending on your needs, the size and weight might be an important consideration as well.

Here are the main factors to consider when searching for the best workout towels:

1. Material

Cotton is the most common material for sport towels — and for good reason. Cotton fibers are absorbent and dry quickly, and cotton continues to play an important role in American economy. It's an excellent material for sport towel, but it's not the only option. Other materials include:

  • <1> Cotton-polyester blends

  • <2> Microfiber

  • <3> Linen

  • <4> Bamboo

  • 2. Size and Weight

  • Towels are usually measured by their fabric density. Towels that weigh less are thinner, and they're usually less expensive because they wear down faster. If you plan to use a sport towel every day, you might prefer a heavier towel that will last multiple washes, but remember that a heavier towel will trap more moisture and could easily harbor bacteria if not properly washed and dried.

  • Gym towels should be washed after every use, so many people prefer a towel that will hold up over time. However, some gym goers choose to purchase economically priced gym towels in bulk, so they can replace them frequently. It's a matter of preference, as is the size of your sport towel.

  • Many people prefer sport towels that are small and easily packable. You surely don't need a full-sized bath towel to wipe off the sweat during a good workout, but some people prefer something larger than a hand towel. To determine your optimal sport towel size, consider the length of your workout. If you plan to hit the gym for an hour or more, you might want a slightly larger sport towel. If your workouts typically last 20 minutes, a standard hand towel size will probably be fine.

  • 3. Absorbency

  • There's no point in using a sport towel if it doesn't serve its main purpose: to absorb your excess sweat created during a workout. Every towel is made up of loops within the weave of the fabric. The loops in a workout towel allow it to absorb sweat or water. The more loops in your sport towels, the stronger their absorbency.

  • An old, threadbare workout towel won't be very absorbent. At the same time, your gym towel doesn't need to be as absorbent as a full bath towel you would use to dry off your entire body after a shower. The best workout towel should be somewhere in the middle — absorbent enough to keep you dry during a workout, but not so thick that it retains bacteria between washes or causes you to carry extra weight in your gym bag.

  • Finally, be sure to take proper care of your workout towels, as certain detergents and fabric softeners can affect their absorbency.

  • 4. Length of Time Required to Dry

  • The thinner the towel, the faster it will dry. Thinner towels also wear out faster than their thicker, fluffier counterparts. If you're supplying towels for an entire gym and need to quickly wash and dry them, it might be important to choose towels that will dry fast. If you're supplying workout towels for yourself or your family, you might not be too concerned with the length of time required to dry them. Whatever your situation, remember that fully drying your towels is crucial. Mold and bacteria can grow in damp towels, causing health and hygiene issues as well as unpleasant odors.

  • 5. Lint Created During Drying

  • Towels can shed quite a bit, which could pose a problem if you're supplying towels for a gym facility. No one wants to wipe their sweat away with a towel full of lint and other debris from the dryer. Lint occurs eventually with most towels, as cotton is a fiber that naturally sheds. However, it's the excess lint that can be annoying.

  • To avoid excess lint, don't over dry your towels. If you purchase new towels, consider washing them separately from your old towels. Regardless of their quality, new towels will likely shed and create lint during drying. Instead of transferring lint to your older towels, separate the old from the new during the washing and drying cycles.

  • If possible, opt for air drying your workout towels from time to time. If that's not possible, occasionally use a lower setting on the dryer to reduce unnecessary wear, which can create more lint.

  • Be sure to shake excess lint from your workout towels as well before folding them.

  • 6. Length of the Fibers

  • Lengthy fibers create softer, more absorbent towels. Gym towels don't require a lengthy fiber, however, because you don't need a gym towel with lots of extra absorbency. Yes, your gym towel should be absorbent, but a standard fiber length is suitable for a sport towel.

  • 7. Softness

  • Many people in the market for sport towels emphasize their desire for softness. After all, you will likely use your workout towel on the sensitive skin on your face. Premium cotton towels can provide the desired softness without compromising durability.

  • Choosing the perfect sport towel doesn't end with a purchase. You must learn to care for your sport towels as well to keep them in optimal condition. If you take good care of your sport towels, they can last for years.