The usage of microfiber towel

- May 20, 2019-

1, super water absorption: super water absorption performance, can also be used as a bath towel, bath or swimming after drying the skin, especially for long hair girls.

2, decontamination and oil self-cleaning function, suitable for kitchen towel, furniture wipe, etc

Such as sofa, furniture, household appliances, home crafts and other surface cleaning, with this towel to wipe dirt and dust on the surface of objects;Or spray the cleaner on the surface of the object and wipe.

3, used to wipe the car can be completely adsorbed inside and outside the car particles of dust, because its fiber is very fine will never hurt the surface of the car, powerful water absorption function, quickly remove water stains will not leave a little trace.

4, office cleaning protection: clean the office table, folder, computer monitor, host, keyboard, and a variety of office supplies, etc., can be dry and wet dual-use, directly wipe with water can also be used with detergent.