Us: export demand flat buyers focus on talks

- Apr 03, 2019-

From March 22 to 28, 2018, the average spot price of standard grade in seven domestic markets was 71.47 cents per pound, up 1.19 cents per pound from the previous week and down 5.68 cents per pound from the same period last year.In the same week, 72,955 packages of 98,5842 packages were sold in seven domestic spot markets.

With spot prices rising in the u.s., cotton merchants are slowly emptying their stockpiles, and farmers are continuing to monitor commodity markets and trade negotiations with the U.S. to determine their planting intentions this year.Texas area foreign inquiry, Pakistan, Taiwan and Turkey's demand the best, the western desert region of foreign inquiry light, because of u.s.-china trade issues unsolved, American cotton exports inquiry and sales continued to slow, covenant inquiry light gold areas abroad, pima cotton price stability, foreign inquiry light, sino-us trade dispute the pima cotton export enquiry and sales will remain slow.

During the week, the domestic textile mills in the United States made some inquiries for the 42/51-5-3 grade 6 new cotton for 2019 shipped in October and December this year. Most mills have sufficient stock at the spot and in the near future, and the yarn demand is general. Textile mills are cautious in purchasing.Us cotton export demand is general, far east region for the shipment of January to March 2020 grade 3 cotton has a small number of inquiries, but no deal, the buyer continues to pay attention to sino-us trade negotiations.