Us: cotton prices rose and new cotton planting was delayed

- Mar 12, 2019-

From March 1 to 7, 2018, the average spot price of standard grade in seven domestic markets was 68.17 cents per pound, up 1.17 cents per pound from the previous week and down 12.31 cents per pound from the same period last year.In the same week, spot sales of 100649 packages in seven domestic markets reached 767750 packages.

Spot prices in the United States are rising, and cotton farmers are watching commodity markets and progress in trade talks with the United States to determine their planting intentions this year.Foreign inquiry light Texas region, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam's demand the best, the western desert region of foreign inquiry light, sino-us trade dispute led to inquiry and sales is slow, the covenant inquiry light gold areas abroad, pima cotton price stability, foreign inquiry light, Pakistan, Turkey needs best, sino-us trade dispute led to inquiry and slow sales.

During the week, the domestic textile mills in the United States had some inquiries for 51-4-3 grade 4 fresh cotton shipped from April to may this year and 51-4-3 grade 4 new cotton shipped from January to December 2020. The yarn demand was moderate.American cotton export demand is general, Indonesia has a certain inquiry for recently shipped 31-3-36 grade green card cotton, Taiwan has an inquiry for recently shipped 42-4-3 grade 5 cotton.

Appeared in the American southeast storms and tornadoes, without damaging the cotton ginning mill and warehouses, have heavy rain and flooding in the delta, field operation interruption, southern Texas seeding for the early rain delay, but rain is good for soil moisture in central China, west Texas field work off and on, the western desert region, sowing work active covenant gold region has the heavy rain, the lack of accumulated temperature of soil, sowing may be postponed to the end of march from March 10, pima cotton have rain, mountain snow thickness and the best level for many years, but the cold weather led to pima cotton sowing delayed until the end of march.