Towels have been used for a long time, these hidden dangers should be noted

- Apr 16, 2019-

A towel is something we use every day, whether it's to wash our face, brush our hair, or rub our body.However, the towel will be very dirty with a long time, which will go along with a lot of bacteria, to our body.

Towels at home tend to get hard, sticky, and give off an unfriendly smell.How can our fairy skin accept this roughness?Want to throw away the old towel, but finally parents to carry out "thrift" education, really wronged dead baby!

We wipe our hands and face every day, and then throw them away in the dark and wet bathroom.Bacteria such as e. coli, candida albicans and staphylococcus aureus can grow on towels at 10 times the rate and are responsible for the deterioration.

So, towel must often clean.This kind is washed, it is not simple kind of wash good, need to have a method however.The following small series introduces several methods of cleaning towels.

Boil towels: boil towels about once a month.Put the towel into the pot, into the boiling water, the amount of water to the towel, into a little salt, the first fire boil;Turn next in the fire continues to boil 15 minutes, after boiling, wait for water cool, take out towel, twist dry water, air bask in the sun bask in dry, can have the effect that disinfection removes bacterium.

Lemon water cleaning: slice the lemon, add water into the pot to boil, and then use the boiled lemon water to clean the towel, can remove the stubborn stains on the white towel.

White vinegar cleans: mix a few white vinegar and water, wash towel with white vinegar water, can purify the acidity on towel, still can disinfect.

Salt water cleaning: two spoons of salt into the water, the towel into the agricultural salt water soaked after cleaning, can remove the greasy feeling of the towel, make the towel fresh and sterilization.

Face alkali is cleaned: can put towel into boiler to add water to submerge live towel advisable, scatter again alkali face to boil after 5 minutes rinse with hot water can.To prevent towel sends hard, besides often clean besides, ought to put towel to boil 15 minutes in caustic water boiler (general 1.5 kilograms water adds 30 grams soda ash to be able to, notice should immerse towel completely in caustic water), take out towel after boiling and rinse thoroughly with clear water.

We always need to change our towels after using them for a long time. So, when should we change our towels?The towel has changed color and must be changed!Scientifically, you can change towels in about three months.However, if your towel has changed color after a month of use, it's time to replace it. Let below small make up to tell you how to distinguish the towel color!

Towel is used long, become hard state makes a person uncomfortable outside, the most important is the large number of bacteria that be infected with, harmful to human body unprofitable.Towels are made from pure cotton yarns, which are tubular structures with hollow cells that hold water.Its main chemical component cellulose molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic genes, which can absorb water.Cotton yarn of this kind of hygroscopicity, the function that store water makes towel feel comfortable, decontamination ability is strong, suit to wash a face clean.

But it is precisely because of this characteristic, for the breeding of bacteria to provide convenient conditions.Bacteria love a warm, humid environment.Towel is in lukewarm wet state for a long time, pass certain time, became the paradise that bacterium breeds.In addition, the grease, dust, impurities in the water and bacteria in the air on the human skin are deposited on the towel.Reoccupy wipes the skin with such towel, do not rise not only the effect that cleanness, can be stained instead skin, plug pore.

The lady that likes to make up and the child with fast metabolism, the oily share of the skin is much, towel is more easy to infect, the harm is particularly big.