Towel knowledge

- Oct 29, 2018-

1. The dark color of the towel is higher than the light color, and the light color of the towel is darker than the dark one. Because the cost of dark colors is high, that is, the chemicals that are put in, the dyeing time is high. Therefore, the damage to the fiber is large. And the darker the color, the worse the fastness. Children are best to use light colors. Do not buy towels with embroidery.

2, wet towels are more rotten than dry towels, easy to infect bacteria.

3. Hardening will occur after a long time of use.

4. Why do some towels do not absorb water after they are launched? A little towel touched, the water will dry? Because in the process of processing the towel, an auxiliary is used: Softener This thing is a kind of liquid, and the towel becomes very soft when it passes through it. It has two kinds: one is water-absorbing; the other is non-absorbent. Naturally, you know the problem ahead.

The color of the non-absorbent product is particularly bright, which seems to indicate that it is coated with a layer of grease; therefore, when you want to buy a absorbent towel, if the thin towel is very bright, it will not absorb water.

Remove towel oil, juice

Remove oil: Put the towel into the basin, put some edible alkali, then put it in boiling water for 10 minutes, the oil will be soaked out, washed with hot water and dried, especially clean.

Remove the juice: add some toothpaste to the juice, then rinse and wash with water.

Prevent the smell of towels

First, be sure to wash thoroughly with water after use;

The second is: regular cleaning with detergent;

The third is: after use, be sure to put it in a ventilated place to dry;

The fourth is: you can use the sterilized towel or choose bamboo fiber towel, chitin fiber towel, bamboo charcoal fiber towel;

The fifth is: the most important point, the towel can not be used for a long time, it is best to update once a month.