Towel craft explanation

- Oct 29, 2018-

Weak twist: twist twist of yarn yarn is a twist. The number of twists in the yarn per unit length is called twist. Our country cotton yarns adopt special twist, that is, the number of twists in the length of 10 cm yarn, combed wool yarn and chemical fiber filament adopt metric count twist, that is, the number of twists per meter; in addition, there are also the number of twists per inch in English count system. Weak twist means less twist (rotation) on 10CM yarn, no twist is no twist. Twisting yarn is a means to improve yarn fastness, but will reduce the comfort, water absorption and air permeability of yarn. In terms of comfort, twisting towels are better than weakly twisted towels, but their durability is not as good as that of weak twisted towels.

Twistless yarn: Twistless yarn towel is a common cotton yarn and soluble fiber yarn (soluble polyvinyl alcohol fiber) with the twist and synthetic yarn used for terry yarn woven towel, and then melted PVA yarn with refining and dyeing method. Because the twist is the same, the dissolved Terry becomes a parallel cotton fiber terry, so when washed as cotton face as soft, play a very good role in maintaining the skin.

Cashmere cutting: Cashmere towel is a common towel of the terry cut treatment, so that the fabric surface covered with smooth fluff. Cut velvet towels can be cut on both sides. They can also be cut on one side and Terry on the other. The cut towel has stronger moisture absorption and softness. After printing, it can increase the decorative beauty of towels and improve product quality. However, in order to pursue comfort and feel good, cutting towels destroy the tissue structure of towels, making the wool knitting force drop, so try not to wash in the washing machine, in order to avoid a large number of wool shedding.

Printing: usually on a cut towel, it is called printing by reactive printing and dyeing.

Jacquard: Jacquard towels are towels with different textures and colors woven into various patterns on a jacquard machine. The textures of these towels are complex and the patterns are delicate and colorful. The range of fiber materials, yarn characteristics, fabric structure and warp and weft density used varies widely, and the design and weaving process is also complex. Miscellaneous.

Satin Stack: A piece of satin stripe is woven on each end of the towel near the plain part of the terry, and the flower part can be formed either by a warp-float line or by a weft-float line. It is used to decorate towels to enhance the beauty of towel fabrics.

Embroidery: is to embroider various decorative patterns on towels, is to use needles to silk or other fibers, yarn in a certain pattern or color on the towel puncture. Stitch the pattern.