Towel business opportunity

- Jan 02, 2019-

 People who like to watch sports events know that athletes will use towel to wipe the sweat after vigorous exercise ;most runners in the gym will bring a towel around her neck or on the armrest. The first senior fitness personal trainer in Beijing van Mr. Fan told reporters that we can not think that it does not matter to use towel wipe the sweat ,developing good exercise habits is from these details. After exercising, you will break out in a sweat, if you do not wipe away in time, it will slowly evaporates. Originally our body will fever after exercising, the body will loss heat because of the sweat evaporation. The stimulation of a cold one hot, easily causing a cold . “sports in order to keeping fit, having a cold the loss outweights the gain . it will result in the absence of school and work.” van Mr. Fan said. Also some golf and tennis players wearing a headband, used to absorb sweat. Balls like badminton and tennis need to be griped, if hand sweat can not wipe out in time, hand is slippery and unstable. 

Sports towel on market has a variety of materials, including cotton, superfine fiber, bamboo fiber, wood fiber, ultra-fine fiber material and so on, its hygroscopicity , permeability are better than ordinary household towels, more professional, suitable for sports fans. “ if the normal movement is not much ,using a common towel.” Van Mr. Fan reminds, we should pay attention to health, with a towel to clean after each movement, preventing bacterial growing.” 
superfine fiber material is the best choice for Sports towels, superfine fiber itself has antibacterial function, so bacteriostatic, superfine fiber sports towel can use for a long time without peculiar smell, will not breed bacteria. Sports wiping towels, microfiber towel blot sweat quickly is good for body. Superfine fiber sports towels double-side velvet material, merbau material, such as microfiber double-sided velvet towel quick-drying, cool and refreshing. Now more and more people like sports, sports towel market is great, if you are in merchants towel or sports products, this is a very good business opportunities. Our company specializing in the production of sports towels, whose main material is cotton and microfiber, having our own factories, small batch customization, you can add your favorite design and logo. No behind MQQ. Do the goods 7 to 10 days , is the best production wholesalers clique and the supermarket. If you are interested, please email us