The richest man in China's textile industry: Only a sunset industry, Li Ka-shing is not worth learning!

- Feb 25, 2019-

Since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, great changes have taken place in China's economic and social development.Sustained and rapid economic development, social stability, people's concerns about the livelihood of the problem has been solved.And reform and opening up have also provided great opportunities for those who work hard to realize their dreams.Thus, since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, many outstanding entrepreneurs have emerged, who have accumulated a lot of wealth through their persistent pursuit and continuous struggle for their dreams.Now, many of the older generation of entrepreneurs are ready to retire to find their successors. Jack ma, as we know him, is stepping down in 2018 for teachers' day.

While other entrepreneurs of the older generation may have reached their sixties, their contributions to the development of some areas of our economy are still very important today.Today we would like to talk about this figure, now 72 years old, his contribution to China's textile industry is very huge, so also known as "China's textile industry giant", he is zhang shiping.Hear this name you must have a lot of people do not know, but speaking of the weiqiao start-up group he founded, presumably you are somewhat familiar with.

Founded by zhang shiping, shandong weiqiao venture group is one of the world's top 500 enterprises. In last year's list of China's top 500 private enterprises, weiqiao group was only behind huawei and suning.It is no exaggeration to say that 90% of the aluminum used in iphone cases comes from zhang's factory.And zhang shiping also by virtue of their own to build the group has been sitting firmly on the throne of shandong's richest man, but zhang shiping and many rich people are different, the outside say he is "eccentric".

Zhang shiping can be said to be very maverick, why say so?As we all know, investment is the one that makes money quickly and with high profit. In the investment, many rich people will turn to real estate investment after they become rich, with many plots of land under their control.But this was not the case with zhang shiping, who insisted all his life on doing only two businesses known as "sunset industries" : textiles and aluminum, not real estate and futures.In addition, personal life is also very simple, with a unique philosophy of life.

And zhang shiping's entrepreneurial history is also legendary, let us look at zhang shiping's ups and downs of the entrepreneurial road.Zhang shiping's starting point is a small oil cotton factory in weiqiao town, zouping county, shandong province. With only a junior high school diploma, he started from carrying cotton bales weighing 100 jin and kept on practicing step by step. After 17 years, he was promoted to be the director of the oil cotton factory in 1981.At that time, the state for cotton supply and marketing control is very tight, the factory only in the peak season when there is work to do.

Zhang shiping felt that he could find a new breakthrough for the textile industry, extend the industrial chain, expand the production from cotton processing to soybean, peanut and other oil crop processing, and he entered the cotton textile processing industry, and set up the weiqiao group.As the first person to enter oil processing in cotton processing industry, zhang shiping's practice has also achieved remarkable results.In 1984, he led the company to a net profit of $4 million, and many factories have since followed suit.

In 1985, zhang shiping was named the national model of commercial labor and received the personal commendation from state leaders at the great hall of Beijing.From 1993 to 1997, the textile industry fell into the trough twice, and the whole industry lost money for six consecutive years. However, weiqiao group invested 330 million yuan successively during this period, which continuously expanded the cotton textile capacity.At that time, many enterprises were faced with the dilemma of oversupply in the domestic market, and even the state began to order production limits.

But even so, wei qiao did not stop, but continue to expand their scale.From 1997 to 2003, the average annual growth rate of foreign exchange earned from exports in weiqiao was 71.5%.By 2004, the group's sales revenue had reached 23.125 billion yuan, ranking ninth in the province.In 2003, weiqiao stock was successfully listed in Hong Kong. In order to ensure the success of the issuance and rights offering, zhang shiping went back and forth between Europe and America, communicated with multinational investment giants, and invited them to come to weiqiao for more than 50 field trips.

And started by weiqiao group also with only 61 employees from a small oil cotton processing plants, to now have 14 subsidiaries, five industrial park, covers an area of 1000 hectares, staff 180000 people, very large comprehensive enterprise, is also the world's largest cotton spinning ability of the enterprise, brand influence already enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.The success of weiqiao group has also brought amazing achievements to zhang shiping, who has been ranked as the richest man in shandong province by hurun report.

Mr Zhang, 72, currently has 650 assets, ranking 26th on the hurun list.But to the surprise of many, Mr. Zhang once said publicly that he didn't love Mr. Li, and that Mr. Li's style wasn't worth learning.Wang yung-ching is known as the "god of business" of Taiwan entrepreneurs, his life to practice the "hard-working simple, stop at the best" spirit, and this spirit is also the pursuit of zhang shiping.So wang yongqing is zhang shiping in the most worthy of respect and learning.

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Started, served as the weiqiao pioneering group chairman, party secretary of shandong province, was twice elected deputy to the National People's Congress, 2011, 2012, was voted hurun rich list "the richest man in shandong", 2012, 500 rich list ranked new wealth fifth, media reports said in May, 2012, started by shandong the weiqiao pioneering group co., LTD., founded by oneself self-built power grid, power plants, for its enterprise and the surrounding power supply and the price more than thirty percent lower than the national grid.In 2013, the zhang shiping family ranked 10th on China's new rich list with 30 billion yuan.On October 13, 2016, the 2016 hurun rich list was released, the zhang shiping family with 61 billion yuan wealth, ranked 16th.In October 2018, the 2018 hurun rich list released, the zhang shiping family ranked 26th with a wealth of 65 billion yuan.

80 time or so, because the country is opposite, control is stricter to cotton, the enterprise except busy season acquires cotton to be processed simply, other time does not have a job to be able to do.In order to change the half-year working and half-year idle state, zhang shiping was the first in the cotton processing industry to go out and buy soybeans, peanuts and cottonseed processing oil. By 1984, the profit of the enterprise had become the first in the cotton and hemp industry in China, which was followed by the cotton processing factories all over the country.But at this time weiqiao but on the terry factory project, in 1986, the factory was established that year profits of 250,000 yuan.

When wei qiao set foot in cotton spinning in 1989, the national cotton textile market had just turned into a buyer's market.But just in this year, weiqiao built ten thousand tons of spindle, and then raised 60 million yuan to build more than 30,000 spindle cotton mills and 336 looms weaving factory, to 1992 the annual corporate tax has reached 12.6 million yuan.From 1993 to 1997, the cotton textile market fell to the bottom twice, and the whole industry lost money for 6 consecutive years. However, during this period, wei qiao invested 330 million yuan successively, which expanded the cotton textile capacity to 280 thousand ingots.

At that time, enterprises were faced with the following dilemma: the domestic market was oversupplied, the textile industry was losing money year after year, and even the country had to limit the production of pressure ingots.However, wei qiao did not stop. Instead, 17 billion yuan was invested in 5 years to increase the number of spindles from 330,000 to 5 million and the number of looms from 4,000 to 42,000.

From 1997 to 2003, the average annual growth rate of foreign exchange earned from exports in weiqiao was 71.5%.By 2004, the group's sales revenue had reached 23.125 billion yuan, ranking ninth in the province.For seven consecutive years, it has ranked the first in the same industry in China, ranked among the top 100 industrial enterprises in China, the top 100 export enterprises in China, and become the world's largest cotton textile enterprise.The sharp increase in production capacity did not drag weiqiao into a predicament of unmarketable goods, but brought about a rapid growth of over 50% per annum in various indicators.

Since October 2003, the country began to curb local investment overheating, this is weiqiao into the field of cotton textile encountered the third time since the macro-tightening.But early in the wei bridge has put the blood of the funds to the international capital market.Weiqiao was successfully listed in Hong Kong in September that year.In may of the following year, the initial placement in Hong Kong was successful, raising a total of 3 billion Hong Kong dollars twice.In order to ensure the success of the issuance and rights issue, zhang shiping kept on travelling in Europe and America, communicating with transnational investment giants, and invited them to visit weiqiao for more than 50 times, which greatly enhanced their confidence of continuously increasing the shares of weiqiao, among which the shareholding ratio of jpmorgan chase was as high as 12.49%.This series of efforts not only make weiqiao textile placement 13.8 times earnings, but also directly promote the international syndicate of long-term refinancing loans.From September 2003 to the first half of the following year alone, weiqiao financed foreign investment of $515 million.

In 2005, the end of a 40-year global system of textile quotas was announced, with the United States restricting Chinese textile imports three times and the European Union threatening to impose restrictions.However, in the face of such a turbulent international market, weiqiao venture group led by zhang shiping did not shrink the front, but bucked the trend and unexpectedly invested 7 billion yuan to expand the textile printing and dyeing clothing series.

Zhang shiping believes that every market fluctuation contains huge development opportunities, and the gap between market status and development is often formed in the market downturn.It is not the first time for zhang shiping to trace the development history of weiqiao's entrepreneurship.Starting in the early 1980s, the weiqiao entrepreneur was at the forefront of the textile market and macro policy.It is this time "deviant", create a legend of their own.