Shanghai chemical district is exploring the construction of a world-class petrochemical industry base

- Mar 06, 2019-

After 23 years of development and construction, Shanghai chemical industry zone is gathering internationally renowned enterprises and exploring the construction of world-class petrochemical industry base.A memorandum of understanding (mou) was signed between invida, a well-known chemical enterprise, and Shanghai chemical industry zone (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai chemical industry zone) in Shanghai on June 20.

It is reported that the design and planning of the 400,000 ton adiponitrile (ADN) production base has been started, with an estimated investment of more than us $1 billion (7 billion yuan).With the support of government departments, construction will start in 2020 and is expected to start in 2022.Adiponitrile is an important raw material for the production of nylon 6,6, which can be used to produce a variety of products, including engineering plastics, airbag fabrics, high-performance coatings and specialty clothing fibers.

The project is expected to inject new impetus into the development of Shanghai chemical industry zone, further improve the existing industrial chain and value chain of the park, and help Shanghai chemical industry zone to take another step towards becoming an internationally influential petrochemical industry base.

Hou Jinhua introduction, deputy director of the Shanghai chemical industrial park management committee of Shanghai chemical industry area reclaiming land from seawaters in launched in 1996, after 23 years of development, has become China's agglomeration most international well-known multinational chemical company, the most advanced recycling economy level, industry level the top one of the most stringent chemical industrial park, safety and environmental management.

According to the introduction, Shanghai chemical industry zone is currently exploring the construction of world-class petrochemical industry base, the gathering of world-class enterprises, has attracted basf, costron, huntsman, suez, mitsui chemical and other world-renowned multinational companies to invest in the establishment of plants, foreign enterprises accounted for up to 80%.

Shanghai chemical industry zone focuses on attracting international high-end projects. The park has a number of internationally advanced main chemical equipment.By the end of 2018, the park has attracted a total project investment of 24.97 billion us dollars and a total fixed asset investment of 122.53 billion RMB yuan.

According to hou jinhua, the Shanghai chemical zone plans to attract more high-quality projects in the industrial chain and encourage existing enterprises in the zone to carry out technological transformation and upgrading.

It is reported that in 2018, under the background of Shanghai's optimization of business environment, Shanghai chemical industry zone will comprehensively optimize the business environment of the park and continuously enhance its attraction to global high-end chemical industry resources.For example, the government affairs service channel of Shanghai chemical industry zone will be established, and the construction of intelligent government affairs service hall will be started, so that enterprises can enjoy 24-hour "no closing" service.For another example, the park implemented the reform of the examination and approval system for construction projects in Shanghai, and the time limit for examination and approval was reduced from 267 working days on average before the reform to a maximum of 98 working days after the reform (including 20 working days for project completion acceptance and real estate registration).