Several tying methods of beach towel

- Apr 09, 2020-

        It is not difficult to find that there is not only one way to tie the beach towel. The same beach towel can create different patterns, and different styles of beach towel can create thousands of changes in style. If we can accumulate more knowledge about beach towel tying, we will be able to match it easily.

       So what is beach towel? Broadly speaking, beach towel is a kind of towel. Beach towel is smooth and silky, usually made of pure cotton yarn, which is totally different from towel. Beach towel can not only keep away from the tide and sand, but also bask in the sun. Another advantage is that it can prevent ultraviolet rays and sunburn.

       There are several ways to tie the beach towel

       1. The tying method of flower pattern beach towel: flower pattern beach towel is suitable for simple tying method. As long as the beach towel is tied together from front to back or from back to front, it can not only play a role of shielding, but also act as a skirt.

       2. Whole page flower pattern beach towel tying method: similar to the first tying method, it can be either single-layer tying or double-layer tying.

       3. The method of tying beach towel with landscape pattern: the beach towel with landscape pattern has a unique charm. In the process of tying, the beach towel should choose the right direction and the landscape pattern to be displayed.

       4. National wind beach towel tying method: national wind beach towel can be directly used as a blouse for women, which can be draped on the body.

       5. Geometric pattern beach towel tying method: the tying method of geometric pattern beach towel is more casual, any tying method can construct different pattern shapes, more free and unrestrained with the nature.

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