Pakistan's cotton production fell 6.8 per cent last year

- Mar 13, 2019-

According to the economic and commercial counselor's office of the Chinese embassy in Pakistan, dawn newspaper of Pakistan reported that, due to the reduction of planting area, the use of inferior seeds and pesticides and other adverse effects, as of March 1, Pakistan's cotton output in the quarter reached 10.471 million bales, down 6.80% compared with the same period of last year.

Cotton analysts believe cotton production in the current quarter (2018-2019) is expected to be the second lowest in eight years.The main reason for the shortage of cotton in the current season is the decrease of cotton planting area, the low yield per acre caused by the use of inferior seeds and pesticides, which causes serious losses to cotton growers.

It is estimated that only 6 million acres of cotton will be cultivated on the 9 million acres designated for cotton cultivation in fiscal year 2018-2019.Over the past few years, cotton growers have increasingly turned to sugar cane, either under pressure from sugar mills, which are owned mainly by politicians and influential landowners, or for economic reasons, because the cotton crop requires large quantities of pesticides, most of which are of poor quality.The prime minister also noted the decline in cotton production and instructed the authorities to take necessary measures to achieve the target of 15 million bales for the next crop season.Punjab, Pakistan's largest cotton producing province, produced 6.592 million bales this season, according to the data.4149,000 bales in sindh;Baluchistan, the country's only organic cotton-producing province, produced 117,800 bales, with cotton production declining in all three provinces.