Knowledge About Beach Towel

- Apr 13, 2019-

Now the traffic is so developed that it doesn't take a day from the northeast to hainan.In this case, more people, especially those from inland, are willing to go to the beach during holidays.The beach is always a sea of people's happiness, where you can take off your shoes and relax your feet to experience the softness of the sand.However, you can't sit or lie on the sand when you are tired.The appearance of beach towel is quite big to promoting seaside travel effect.Since the beach towel, when people play in the beach, can be free to sit, free to lie down, very not easy!

The size of beach towel is bigger, can wrap on the waist like bath towel, wrap on the body, fasten on the head neck, serve as the decorations that covers, still can spread on sandy beach, lie between tide to lie between sand on one side, another person can lie on sandy beach bask.In fact, the greatest role of the beach or the rapid drying of people's body surface moisture, because the skin in a humid state, the sun's ultraviolet rays through the pool or the reflection of the sea, resulting in three times the effect of drying!And do not wipe the moisture on the body after swimming, erythema, skin aches and blisters will certainly find you, so everyone outdoor play water or swimming, be sure to bring a beach towel.

Because beach towel is used outdoors commonly, so its exterior is compared commonly complex beautiful beautiful.In the process is divided into: jacquard beach towel and printed beach towel two.

Jacquard beach towel is generally relatively thick, strong water absorption, but because of the limitations of jacquard technology, jacquard beach towel general color number is less, the pattern is relatively simple.

Printed beach towel is generally a kind of beach towel with reactive printing. Reactive printing is a relatively advanced printing and dyeing process. The fabrics with reactive printing are bright in color, good in color fastness and soft to the touch.

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