Industrial Internet Change China Textile

- Mar 09, 2019-

National two sessions this year, the National People's Congress, chairman and CEO of tencent ma bring about a "speed up the development of the Internet industry promotes the development of real economy, high quality", he thinks, standing on the digital transformation of tuyere, industry the development of the Internet also need to help, he put forward in the recommended information infrastructure construction, promote the innovative development of cloud computing, to promote the key core technology breakthrough, such as a number of recommendations.

"Industrial Internet is an advanced stage of deepening the development of the Internet and an inevitable requirement of industrial transformation and upgrading. Industrial Internet and consumer Internet are complementary and mutually supportive.Ma huateng said that at present, China's economy has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development, and accelerating the development of industrial Internet is of great significance to the high-quality development of the real economy.

With the Internet transformation of traditional industries, each industry will be born a unicorn of the Internet industry in the future!Clothing, food, housing and transportation are the four industries that need the most steel. The latter three have all given birth to platform unicorns, but "clothing" has become a depression of the Internet industry. The huge depression means great opportunities.

In the first half of 2018, the country launched a series of intensive policies to support the industrial Internet:Promulgated by the state council on deepening the "Internet + advanced manufacturing industrial development the guidance of the Internet", the ministry has also issued a "industrial Internet development action plan (2018-2020)", "industrial Internet special working group in 2018 work plan", "industrial Internet APP cultivation project plan (2018-2020), arguably, support the development of the Internet industry policy system has been formed, industrial heat high Internet platform construction, the textile and clothing, and other fields.

Textile and clothing industry is in a stress superposition period, at the same time, industrial 4.0, big data, artificial intelligence, C2M, S2b2c the emergence of new technology and new models, such as the textile apparel industry transformation and upgrading of the Internet into the fast lane, every vertical industry field can restore again, seize the present industry development opportunities is very important.

Focusing on Internet +, the rise of industrial clusters is accelerating

Industrial Internet cannot be abet from the weeds, and must arise at the historic moment.At present, the new retail is setting off a revolution at the consumer end, while the new manufacturing is deeply transforming the supply side. The concepts of flexible production, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain coordination are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The industrial Internet has obtained the soil of natural growth.

"It must be more intuitive for customers to experience the effect of curtain cloth by using VR technology on the Internet."Recently, the 2019 hangzhou international textile fashion (spring) exhibition and the first home textile online exposition opened in China textile city, "wisdom store" booth attracted a lot of curtain fabric enterprises and merchants stop communication.

Walking into one of the "wisdom stores", Ms. Yang, a merchant from jiaxing haiyan, put on VR glasses and experienced a "immersive" experience."I used to recommend the color and style of curtain cloth to customers, but they couldn't imagine the effect," she said.Now, wearing VR glasses can directly see the matching effect between the curtain fabric style and home decoration, which is very convincing.Ms. Yang told reporters that she planned to look for an Internet company at the show to bring "smart stores" to her stores.

In fact, in yuhang, such a smart marketing model is not new.In addition to changing the traditional store display mode, yuhang home textile enterprises also rely on the Internet to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.Hangzhou kutang visual technology co., LTD., for example, the company has built a comprehensive home textile industry e-commerce service platform, the original long industrial chain into the production, brand distribution and retail three links, for each link tailored to a set of software system, and the full integration of its online sales.

"New marketing methods have given new life to traditional industries in their development."Yuhang says, the current digital industrialization, industry digitization is continuous fermentation, yuhang will also actively build the Internet platform, home textile industry through integration of superior resources, help home textile decorative fabric industry in increased channel seeking breakthroughs, develops the market, sales is convenient, explore a traditional industry with the wisdom of the Internet technology integration development road.

Technological innovation, leading industrial transformation and upgrading

With the emergence of new entrance, new mode and new interface, the original industrial ecology is in the process of fluctuation and deconstruction.Textile and garment industry Internet as a huge tuyere, its trillion market space is bound to give birth to a lot of unprecedented new economic growth points.

All-weather monitoring, digital-driven, refined production...Recently, the company installed a clever "brain" for its own VAT of dye, attracting a lot of attention.Walking into the printing and dyeing workshop, I saw all kinds of data jumping on the blue electronic display screen. The "brain" monitors the running process of each dyeing VAT for 24 hours dynamically. Once there is any abnormality, it will give an early warning, thus effectively improving the qualified rate of dyeing.

This is a microcosm of keqiao to implement the digitalization of printing and dyeing industry and create new competitiveness of printing and dyeing manufacturing industry.Last year, the big data center of the textile industry of China light textile city group cooperated with a number of pilot enterprises to jointly develop the "printing and dyeing brain" and explore the deep integration of the real economy with the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence.Shaoxing English geely printing and dyeing co., ltd. is one of the pilot enterprises involved in the construction.

Printing and dyeing a low pass rate, is a common industry pain point.The relevant person in charge of English geely printing and dyeing co., ltd. said that the traditional small and medium-sized printing and dyeing enterprises, from sample making to batch production planning, are prone to large sample differences, unstable production process, low pass rate and other problems, resulting in a lot of waste of energy consumption, materials and labor costs.

Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, "printing and dyeing brain" is expected.According to the China textile city group co., LTD. Dr Textile industry large data centers, jr, the so-called "printing and dyeing mind", is the use of artificial intelligence equipment, through the precision analysis data, mark management dyeing, figure design etc., the real-time dynamic adjustment, optimizing the process, improve the qualified rate of dyeing, implement enterprise energy conservation and emissions reduction, quality, and the efficiency.

Since last October, through continuous improvement of "printing and dyeing brain", gratifying changes have taken place in the operation status of English geely printing and dyeing: the qualified rate of dyeing once a day has been significantly improved, and the feeding times per day have also been significantly reduced.According to the calculation, each time the qualified rate of dyeing is increased by 1%, the production cost is reduced by about 1%, and the benefit is increased by about 10%.

Keqiao economic and information technology bureau, the relevant person in charge said that the next will promote the pilot, let more enterprises share the technology dividend, guide enterprises to accelerate the construction of digital workshop, intelligent factory, through intelligent manufacturing, "Internet +", "big data +" reshape the traditional printing and dyeing manufacturing pattern, promote the industry to high-quality development.