How to wear N95 face mask correctly

- Apr 18, 2020-

        N95 face mask is a folding mask. This kind of mask with unique design shape, with excellent nose clip and headband, to ensure a good fit with the face. Under the same effect, the respirator has less respiratory resistance and is more comfortable to wear.

        As the number of novel coronavirus infections has been increasing, it has attracted wide attention. The attention of masks has been increasing. But if the respirator is not well worn, it can not play its real role. Therefore, the following steps are introduced to correct the wearing of N95  face masks as follows:

       Step 1: first of all, wash your hands before wearing the mask or after touching the  face mask. Because your hands are easy to be contaminated and grow bacteria, keep your hands clean first.

       Step 2: first, run the fixed belt of the mask every 2-4cm, face the inner side of the mask, and hold one ear on each hand.

       Step 3: put the face mask on the chin, put on the mask, and put the fixation belt on the top of the head and the back of the brain respectively.

       Step 4: adjust the ear wear to make it feel as comfortable as possible. Put your hands and fingers in the middle of the metal nose clip, while pressing inward, move your fingertips along the two sides of the nose clip until they fit your face.

       Step 5: during the inspection, gently press the mask with both hands, deliberately breathe a few times, and adjust it to avoid air leakage at the edge of the  face mask.

n95 face mask