How to use the towel correctly?

- Apr 17, 2019-

Towels must be changed frequently

Personal towels should be replaced in about 30 days, and should not exceed 40 days. otherwise. Because the towel has been used for a long time, and it has become uncomfortable to become hard, the most important thing is that it is harmful to the human body.

2. The towel must be kept dry

The towel is made of pure cotton yarn, and the cotton fiber is a tubular structure that can store moisture. The moisture absorption and water storage of the cotton yarn can make the towel feel comfortable and has strong decontamination ability, and is suitable for cleansing the face. However, it is precisely because of this characteristic that it provides a convenient condition for the growth of bacteria. Bacteria prefer a warm, humid environment, and it is best to dry or dry in time.

3. Towels must be specially reserved for special use.

The number of towels used by individuals is “male three (articles) female four (articles)”, and the minimum standard is “male two (articles) female three (articles)”. Towels for washing, bathing, and washing your feet must be separated to prevent local skin diseases from spreading to the whole body. It is also an effective method to prevent cross-infection.

4. Towels must be disinfected regularly

When washing your face or taking a bath, rinse it off with shower gel and water, then dry it with a dry towel. This will reduce the adhesion of human dirt to the towel. After the towel is used up, it should be cleaned in time and boiled for 10 minutes every week.