How to take off protective clothing correctly and what should be paid attention to

- Apr 14, 2020-

       The principle to be followed when taking off the protective clothing is to take off the protective clothing safely without causing pollution to human body and environment. In particular, it is necessary to clean and decontaminate before taking off the chemical protective clothing. Cleaning and decontamination of protective clothing is mainly to ensure that the operators can safely take off the protective clothing without being harmed by toxic substances on the surface of the protective clothing or polluted by the environment. After cleaning and decontamination, it is necessary to follow certain procedures to remove the chemical protective clothing.

       1. How to take off protective clothing

         (1) . untie all ties from bottom to top;

         (2) . take off the head cover, open the chest to the shoulder, when taking off the sleeve, both hands shall be retracted into the cuff and hold the inner sleeve, and the gloves and coat shall be taken off behind the back of both hands;

         (3) . insert your hands into your waistband and turn them out to take off your pants;

         (4) . remove the air respirator and gas mask.

       2. Precautions for wearing and taking off protective clothing:

In the process of work, pay attention to the chemical protective clothing must be replaced within the specified protection time when it is continuously polluted by chemical substances. If the chemical protective clothing is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

        (1) For airtight protective clothing or airtight non airtight protective clothing with good airtightness, it is recommended to follow the principle of two people walking together, that is, at least two people enter the working area together, in case of any situation, they can be rescued in time.

        (2) . chemical protective clothing fabric can provide effective protection for several hours, but if wearing air respirator, the working time is determined by the working time of air respirator. Pay attention to the effective use time of the air respirator, and replace it before the gas cylinder is used up. When calculating the effective working time, we should consider the time of walking and changing equipment.

       (3) . before taking off the protective gloves, try to avoid contacting the outer surface of the protective clothing. After taking off the gloves, try to contact the inner surface of the protective clothing. After taking off the protective clothing, the inner surface should face outward. Wrap the outer surface and the pollutants inside to avoid the pollutants contacting the human body and the environment. The removed protective articles shall be treated in a centralized way to avoid the expansion of pollution in the process