How to choose a towel that suits you

- Oct 29, 2018-

Many people today have problems with the skin on their faces. Some have more acne, some have a greasy face, and many people go to buy skin care products to rectify them. In fact, these are also related to the towels they usually use. Because it is not used properly, it is very likely to have a bad effect on the skin, such as redness and swelling, and the oil is not washed off. So how can I choose the towel that suits me?

First, determine the type of your skin, it is easier to sweat, called oily; or the skin is more watery. The former should use a strong decontamination effect, the latter is more casual. Second, to buy the products produced by the brand towel factory, the good quality will not be harmful to the face because the dyed chemicals fall off; it will not cause facial redness and swelling due to rough work and scrubbing. Don't learn to buy poor quality gift towels. Third, according to the time-zone transformation, choose products of different textures, use fiber in summer, and use pure cotton in winter, which will be more comfortable.

Just follow the above and you will be able to choose the towel that suits you best.