Home textile deformation record

- Apr 09, 2019-

he past year was a turning point for the textile industry. Factors such as the rising dyeing cost, loom improvement and limited production capacity had a great impact on the textile industry. Under such a background, what problems will the home textile products face when they go to sea?What are the countermeasures for cross-border e-commerce sellers?How to select hot style products from home textile category?Next let's have a look at the analysis of xu yancheng, the person in charge of the cross-border e-commerce industry incubation center of nantong home textile city with 20 years of experience in foreign trade home textile.

Hugo net: home textile category in the process of going to sea encountered what bottlenecks?What are the solutions?

Xu yancheng: because we have a long time experience in home textile foreign trade, the key difficulty in product development is not the main factor for us to overcome.

Industry characteristics, based on traditional foreign trade production and sales of all products from the beginning of the mass organization of raw materials, in the face of cross-border electricity B2C sellers, its sales channels and sales model does not assume like traditional foreign trade behind MOQ, so we as the supplier can only take inventory pressure and risk, so as to solve cross-border electricity sellers product selection and purchase of pressure, relieve their worries.

When we have a stable supply of goods and quality of production product, also need to do is flexible, customized style and quick response ability, so as to ensure that meet the needs of customers of cross-border electricity sellers, in the sales process need not too much because of concerns about the quality of the supplier, the goods supply problem and delay and waste precious operating time.

Hugo net: how do you avoid home textile market homogenization and self-harm type price competition?

Xu yancheng: the demand of oversea home spinning market is big, consumption is big, answer buy rate is big, actually the price competition of type of self-harm of homogenization change, can figure only at that time fast.The solution to the current situation is more based on the products themselves. For example, we will require the number of new products on shelves to exceed 45 skus per month on average, which greatly meets the selection and differentiation needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers.At the same time, flexible customized services are also essential to meet the needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers to achieve self-improvement.

Hugo net: how do you build home textile flexible supply chain?

Xu yancheng: it is undeniable that today's slow paced rigid supply chain is unable to meet the needs of consumers in today's fast fashion and personalization, while the flexible supply chain can meet the unique needs of fast fashion and customization.

In my opinion, the only way for an enterprise to survive is to adapt to changes. At present, the fragmentation trend of foreign trade orders has become irreversible, so what foreign trade enterprises need to do now is to learn how to adapt to this trend.

To build a flexible home textile supply chain, I believe that enterprises should start from four directions to create the following "iron army" supply chain:

(1) develop special production mode and customized equipment, and change from large-scale assembly work to small-batch group work;

(2) from the lifting assembly line of mass production to the special intelligent sewing equipment production line that can respond quickly and make individual parts;

(3) from batch personnel random inspection and assembly line inspection of packaging to multiple quality control teams full inspection of packaging;

(4) from the traditional foreign trade customer self-service procurement to professional business personnel for cross-border e-commerce seller customer one-to-one service.

Hugo network: engaged in textile foreign trade for decades of experience, how do you choose hot style products from the home textile category?

Xu yancheng: in my opinion, high-quality and popular products are not actually selected and developed based on the artificial preference of the production and supply side or the sales and purchasing side.Hot style products selected from the home textile category are mainly reflected in three aspects:

First of all, high-quality best-selling products should be based on the enterprise's data analysis team on the industry's traditional foreign trade home textile data for detailed comprehensive analysis, so as to get the destination country best-selling size and basic flower, color, etc.;

Then, according to the current international authority exhibition and destination country first and second line of the trend of the brand design and development;

Finally, the target audience, consumption level and unit price of concentrated customers of the sales channels of cross-border e-commerce sellers should be combined to determine the best-selling products with high quality, so as to prepare for production.

Hugo net: home textile products have no off-season?What time is the peak sales period?How should the seller prepare goods?

Xu yancheng: the home spins a product to be not quite same as product of other category, it belongs to rigid just need a product and it is opposite illicit close just needs a product, say so the cent that does not have clear weak season.

At the same time, the life cycle of home textile products is relatively long, and it is usually not limited by new and old patterns, old styles and fashion trends.

In terms of how sellers prepare goods, special attention should be paid to the peak shipping period before the hot selling period in the destination country. Generally speaking, customers of cross-border e-commerce sellers will place orders one month before the peak (or about 45 days in advance) to prepare goods.