Five styles of beach towel

- Feb 19, 2019-

As a necessary item for summer beach games, beach towels are leading the fashion of seaside every year with various tides. Girls are either dressed in silk beach towels, the sea breeze blowing, elegant as immortals; or spread a cotton beach towel, with the sand as the mat, with the sky as the quilt, free and unrestrained. The beach towel shape is changeable, plus the support of different patterns and materials, a hundred girls can have a hundred kinds of amorous feelings.

1, Bright fashion style

Publicizing your personality is the eternal theme of beach towels. At the seaside, no one will ever think you are too flashy. So, even if you wear a large print and full-color beach towel, you will become a bright rainbow in the blue sky and water.

Fashion style beach towel although the fire, but the choice of material should pay special attention to, carelessly easy to fall into the popular. The elegant silk material can throw the market feeling out of the galaxy, and the high-grade fabric can naturally bring out the high-grade shape.

2, Simple Literary Style

The combination of cotton and linen and stripes is the most effective weapon to create literary and artistic styles. Whether it is regular stripes or uneven stripes, it has a rhythmic sense of rhythm. The shades of brightness are leaped between stripes to match your calm or lively temperament, harmonious and beautiful.

Cotton is breathable and super good material, the summer beach with a cotton towel, one would not feel hot.

3, Retro folk style

Folk style beach towel is most suitable for mature women, it is not so obvious, some of the more sedate mature charm and intellectual style, different printing means different regional customs, such as Tibet's religious, such as Hawaii's fresh, such as palm beach low-key wealth.

Ethnic sandy beach towel has some high requirements for air field and overall shape. In order to achieve a harmonious effect, we need to carefully consider the hairstyle and makeup.

4, Modern European and American Style

Euramerican beach towels with church and jazz warhorse prints have a strong Nordic flavor, or Monet-style Abstract printing, Picasso-style deconstruction fantasy, medieval charm from the Black Sea, adding points to your temperament through a beach towel.

5, Pure color minimalism

Throw however flowery printing, leave one color only, the extremely simple character of pure lubricious beach towel is printing and inwrought all cannot compare.A few tassel are left on all sides, neutralize the drab feeling of pure color, wine red silk towel shows natural and graceful, silvery grey cotton and hemp shows grace, still have the pure white of fairy spirit 4 excessive, each telling different story.

A beach towel, make 100 change amorous feelings, the scenery on the beach should not be cookie-cutter originally.Use different makeup look and swimsuit, match different beach towel, become 100 different oneself.