Digital Printing Age is coming! Welcome place digital printed towel order

- Mar 01, 2019-

Looking back on 2010, huayan digital started from 4 JV33, and was one of the earliest digital printing companies in shaoxing.

According to zhou xiaobo, he used to sell silk in shenzhen and then set up a factory in keqiao. In the past ten years, he has invested 30 million yuan in the purchase of a complete set of equipment, such as setting machines, steaming machines, washing machines and digital printing machines.

"We had 130 jv33s at our peak!The JV33 has since been phased out and there are now 50 jv300s, plus four hongmei (kyocera sprinklers) and four hope (starlight sprinklers).

For the future of digital printing, zhou xiaobo as always optimistic, and this year, he is still in the layout of greater action.

10 industrial machines straight to the recycled fiber digital printing

In the digital printing business circle, zhou xiaobo has always been a trendsetter.

In the field of silk digital printing, chu xiu, mini, huayan is the first batch of well-known enterprises;Later, huayan took the lead in the development of cotton and hemp digital printing, leading the way in strategic cooperation with Beijing "hemp century".

Now, zhou xiaobo has set his sights on a new goal - "we want to make a breakthrough in regenerated fibers."

Zhou xiaobo thinks, at present chemical fiber dispersive direct gush has kind of high do not become low do not have the feeling, future should very good, but current demand is not big, supply quantity is very few, so the price is high."The recycled fiber is environmentally friendly, comfortable, skin-friendly and has strong fashion attributes (previously the recycled fiber fabrics were mainly plain colors). It is a big market for digital printing in the future. Considering the market increment, the company plans to purchase 10 more digital printing industrial machines in 2019.

"This 10 industrial digital printing machine, star of nozzle and kyocera nozzle will be (according to the experience of xiao-bo zhou, kyocera the service life of the nozzle is controlled in 2 years, star nozzle can be used more than 3 years), each machine production speed in 2000-4000 meters/day, 10 sets of production capacity will reach 3-40000 meters/day, annual output can reach 500-500 m."

According to the plan of zhou xiaobo, hua yan will arrive from real silk, cotton hemp, regenerated fiber, accomplish active digital printing complete package."Our printing processing fee is completely transparent, and will be set at 7 yuan/meter, just to run the volume, quickly open the market, the digital printing industrialization.

Digital printing has entered the dyeing and printing factory era!

At present, many enterprises in shaoxing are troubled by uncertainty due to the great change of policy factors, but one thing is certain, that is, environmental protection will only become stricter day by day."Every machine entering the coastal industrial zone now needs to be registered, and digital printing is no exception.

Xiao-bo zhou summarized the development course of digital printing: "digital printing industry development from scratch, the first phase is over, in recent 5 years is the industrialization stage of digital printing, entered the knockout round in the second half, and every time we need to transform ideas, if you don't transform ideas, two years problems is likely to make mistakes."

"In my view, digital printing has entered the dyeing and printing factory era, the future is basically only the printing and dyeing factory with digital printing.But there is no doubt that after the elimination, the future of the remaining enterprises will be very good.Only by changing our thinking now can we possibly adapt to our future existence.

Zhou xiaobo admitted that huayan started from 4 machines and has been making digital printing for 10 years. Every step is like walking on thin ice."We crossed the river by feeling the stones, but we also accumulated some experience.At first I was not clear about the future of digital printing, but now it is getting clearer and I can see the future.

Make every meter of cloth more scientific, more artistic and more environmentally friendly

In zhou xiaobo's opinion, the future of digital printing is a wonderful combination of science and technology + art + environmental protection + personalized, is the best tool to reflect the value of development and design, is to create a beautiful all-purpose brush.

"Digital printing will liberate the imagination of the Chinese people, all the people will be painters in the future, everyone will make their own products, the original will be protected, in the long run, no matter how much investment is worth, the future value in intellectual property, highly professional!

Therefore, huayan has always attached great importance to development. The annual development cost alone is more than 2 million yuan. The original flower pattern is patented, and the brand layout will be followed.

"We are betting on intellectual property and on science, art and the environment.The future is no longer the largest amount, but the best quality, we do every meter of digital printing, more than one meter of science, more than one meter of art, more than one meter of environmental protection, so that every meter of cloth more scientific, more artistic, more environmental protection, this is the meaning of adhere to!

Chinese people have always liked to judge heroes on the basis of success or failure, but zhou xiaobo believes that even if he fails, he will make contributions and even if he doesn't make money, he will enjoy it.As the famous saying goes, "he who reaches for the stars, though in vain, does not reach for the mud."This is zhou xiaobo's current state of mind.