Correct wearing procedures of protective clothing

- Apr 12, 2020-

        The sequence of wearing and taking off of protective clothing includes four key points: preparation before wearing protective clothing, place selection when wearing protective clothing, method of wearing protective clothing and method of taking off protective clothing; and the precautions for wearing protective clothing are also necessary for each protective clothing user. Incorrect wearing and removing order of protective clothing may cause skin injury to operators by toxic and harmful substances (such as toxic gas, chemical solvent, virus and bacteria, etc.).

        1、Preparation before wearing protective clothing

Before wearing the protective clothing, it is necessary to do enough inspection work, not rely on personal experience alone.

       (1)The protection grade and performance of the protective clothing are consistent with the performance required in the use.

       (2) Confirm the size of protective clothing.

       (3)Check the overall integrity of the protective clothing.

       (4)If it is A-class totally enclosed chemical protective clothing, it is necessary to regularly use a professional air tightness tester for air tightness test, so as to use it in time in case of emergency.

        2、Place selection for wearing protective clothing

Dressing room is an ideal place for dressing, if not, it should be carried out in a relatively pollution-free environment. In case of emergency rescue, the wearing should be carried out in cold area. Before using chemical protective clothing, other necessary auxiliary systems, such as air supply equipment, cleaning equipment, etc., shall be ready.

        3、Methods of wearing protective clothing

The wearing of protective clothing should follow a certain order, which can ensure the correct and fast wearing of protective clothing, play the role of protective clothing in work, and lay a foundation for safe removal after use.

        (1)Unfold the chemical protective work clothes (the head cover is facing to itself, and the opening is upward);

        (2)Open the neck, chest and legs of the chemical protective clothing, put on the top and fasten the belt.

        (3)After wearing the gas mask, check the tightness of the gas mask at the first time, and tie the protective clothing and neck buckle after confirming it is correct;

        (4)Put on protective gloves and put down the outer sleeve and fasten it.

        Finally, in order to improve the airtightness of the whole set of protective clothing, tape can be added at the opening (such as the placket, cuff, trouser tube mouth, mask and the joint of protective clothing hood). In order to enhance the hand protection, you can choose to wear two layers of gloves and so on. In the whole process, try to prevent the inner layer of the protective clothing from contacting the external environment, so as to prevent the protective clothing from being polluted at the beginning.