Correct wearing of face mask

- Apr 16, 2020-

        face mask, also known as bandage mask, is mainly used in medical and health fields, such as medical surgical mask. Compared with the folding mask and cup mask, the plane mask has the worst tightness, which can not be used to prevent haze and dust, so it is not recommended to use in dust environment. The correct way to wear a flat face mask is as follows:

       1. The medical surgical face mask has two sides of white and blue, one side of white is facing in, the other side of metal strip is facing up. First, tie the two straps on the lower side behind the neck, and tighten them so that the lower side of the mask reaches the root of chin.

       2. Pull up the upper edge belt of the facce mask, cover the nose and mouth with the mask, pull the two upper straps to the back of the ear and fasten them to the head, if there are elastic straps, they can be tied to the ear.

       3. Press the metal wire of the upper nasal root of the mask with two index fingers to make it close to the nose skin, and then move the food to both sides gradually, so that the whole face mask is close to the face skin.

       4. After taking off the face mask, wrap it in tape or paper bag, then put it in the covered garbage can, and wash hands in time; do not reuse the disposable mask.

face mask