Color Matching Skills of Beach Towels and Clothes

- Dec 10, 2018-

Although beach towel is still a little tired of its name, more and more girls have awakened to realize that beach towel can actually rush out of the beach and go to the street! After becoming a fashion item for street wear, how to match beach towels with clothes has become a compulsory course for girls. Today, we start with color matching to see how to use color to collide beach towels and clothes into a wonderful spark.

Meeting of Pure and Pure Colors

Pink BEACH TOWEL + white tie

White and pink are tender to no match, a natural pair, sweet and lovely, silk scarves and clothing materials are good enough, but also easy to wear a noble girl feeling.

When choosing pink, choose brighter ones, which look more beautiful and youthful. It's easy to look rustic if the brightness is not enough, and it won't work well enough if matched.

Similar to the previous one, the white silk scarf is draped over the pink dress, which makes it more clear and moving. With a bag of the same color and shape on the arm, the whole person is like a fairy left behind. Pink + white matching is more suitable for fair skin girls, dark skin will be worn at a discount.

Grey BEACH TOWEL + white or black

The combination of black and white and grey is always a pronoun of deep and restrained, high-level mystery. A small black dress and a super-large grey flax beach towel are powerful enough to kill the gorgeous and cheap goods ten miles in a second.

The Secret of Colors and Pure Colors

Splicing BEACH TOWEL + white dress

The beach towel with spliced colors already contains at least two or more colors. If you choose the clothes with different colors to match, you will push yourself on the way to Huamei. Therefore, when wearing a patchwork beach towel, you can choose a dress with the same color as one of them, or directly use a hundred sets of white, it will not make a big mistake.

Colored BEACH TOWEL + plain dress

In the same way, colorful beach towels must not be matched with the same fancy skirt, otherwise you look like a walking palette. Pure skirt is the first choice. The color should be the same as the main tone of the beach towel, or correspond to a certain color on the beach towel.

The Reunion of Light and Darkness

Bright colors of clothes with a dark beach towel pressure, it will not appear light, wearing a more layered sense. Likewise, dark clothes need to be lighted with bright beach towels, so that the overall shape will not be dull and boring.

Mastered the beach towel and clothes color matching skills, no longer afraid of foreign appearance! Let the beach towel go into everyday wearing, you will find different amazing scenery!