China's textile export decrease from end of 2018

- Mar 11, 2019-

1-2 month according to the statistics, in 2019 our country textile clothing export dropped sharply than expected, textile clothing export $38.155 billion, fell 11.61% year on year, the annual average growth rate of comparison, when the financial crisis hit has dropped below 2009-10.5% low, of course, before spinning clothing export for the whole year generally low after high, shave off after the Spring Festival, late or export growth gradually recovered to normal level.Among them, the export of textiles was 17.38 billion us dollars, down 7.82% year on year, and the export of clothing and its accessories was 20.775 billion us dollars, down 14.55% year on year.

In RMB terms, China's textile and garment exports totaled 262.47 billion yuan in the first two months of 2019, down 7.15% year-on-year.Spinning clothing exports in January had record since September last year, and the February spinning clothing exports is halved, a new low since February 2017, ups and downs, we think the main reason is the Spring Festival "wrong" effect, at the same time, enterprises to avoid the tariffs risk "rob export" at one point the power, so 2 month before export data does not reflect the real situation.The transaction volume of the 29th China trade fair, which just concluded, was 2.3 billion us dollars, basically unchanged from that of 2018.Of course, under the background of slowing down of global economy and trade, China's textile and service exports will continue to be under pressure. Therefore, a more reasonable way to judge the trend of the year is to observe the total trade volume and trade growth rate from January to march.