Beach towel concave of different materials and different styles make it more beautiful to wear the right one.

- Dec 10, 2018-

There are many kinds of beach towels. The material can be divided into silk, wool, cotton, linen and many other kinds. The different materials of beach towels will bring different flavors, suitable for concave and different styles. Only by choosing the right material of beach towel can we successfully create the most harmonious shape.


Silk beach towel, the biggest feature is soft and submissive, gentle, silk unique sense of submission will enhance the sense of advanced several degrees. Silk beach towel texture is obvious to all, charming luster makes your beach towel full of noble atmosphere, tied up, wrinkles are natural and smooth, gorgeous rod! Natural silk itself is very full, after printing, even the color will appear more plump, a glance, you can shake off the ordinary light material 80 streets.

It should be noted that silk beach towels are more favored by mosquitoes, so it is recommended not to use mosquitoes at any time and place. Besides, spraying some perfume with mosquito repellent effects is also good.

Hair quality

For example, cashmere beach towel, although not often used in summer, but the spring, autumn and winter beach really popular fabric. In fact, even in summer, wool beach towel is also very useful, sooner or later the beach is cool, wearing a wool beach towel, windproof and warm, very comfortable.

The woolen beach towel has smooth texture and some heavy feeling. It is wrapped around shoulders, which makes you become an elegant intellectual style in minutes.

Wool beach towel in the usual cleaning to be particularly careful, inappropriate method will cause shrinkage deformation, and then use is not beautiful, so it is recommended that rabbit hair, alpaca and other high-end wool, or sent to dry cleaners for professional cleaning is more stable.

cotton material

The label of cotton beach towel is breathable and has strong sweat absorption ability. It is more suitable to wear in summer. Cotton itself has a sense of simplicity without modification, and national wind printing and cotton is the best match. In addition, casual sports and leisure wind can also collide with cotton beach towels to create a wonderful spark, which can be used to concave the youthful vitality and taste of the best shape.

In particular, if you choose the cotton beach towel dyed with vegetation, it will fade when you wash it. You must wash it separately from other clothes.

Linen quality

The linen beach towel is the most popular one in summer. It is not only elegant and refreshing, but also sweaty and breathable in function. Even if you wear a summer dress and a beach towel, you won't feel stuffy. So if you plan to go out of the street with a silk scarf concave shape, linen is the best choice.

As you know, linen fabrics are extremely wrinkle-prone. It's best to hang them when they are put away. Even if they are folded, they should be gentle and not press hard.

Chemical fiber quality

Fabrics made from chemical fibers such as polyester and nylon have a great advantage of bright colour. Bright colors are the most attractive to girls, lively, youthful fashion, relying on this bright beach towel to explain. The elasticity of chemical fibre texture is also good, good workmanship can imitate the natural smoothness and softness.

Using beach towel to make shape, not only in the way of wearing a hundred patterns, but also the fabric is a language, using the right fabric to make shape can achieve twice the result with half the effort oh! uuuuuuuuuu