Application and technology of beach towel

- May 20, 2020-


The beach towel is large in size. Like the bath towel, it can be wrapped on the waist, draped on the body and tied on the head and neck. It can also be spread on the beach as an ornament for covering. On one side, it can be separated from the tide and sand. On the other side, people can lie on the beach and bask in the sun. In fact, the biggest effect of the beach is to quickly dry the water on the surface of people's body. Because the skin is in a moist state, the ultraviolet rays in the sun will reflect through the pool or the sea water, resulting in three times of the sun drying effect! After swimming, if you don't dry your body, you will definitely find erythema, skin pain and blisters, so when you play or swim outdoors, you must take a beach towel.


Because beach towel is generally used outdoors, its appearance is generally complex and beautiful. In terms of technology, it can be divided into jacquard beach towel and printed beach towel.

Jacquard beach towel is generally thick and strong in water absorption, but due to the limitation of jacquard technology, jacquard beach towel generally has fewer colors and simple patterns.

Printed beach towel is generally active printed beach towel. Active printing is a relatively advanced printing and dyeing process. The fabric of active printing has bright color, good color fastness, soft hand feel, can be washed often without fading, and can be used as new for a long time.

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