Advantages of cotton material towel

- Mar 21, 2019-

The character of cotton material towel :

1, Pure cotton towel has hygroscopicity : Pure cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity, under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb moisture in the atmosphere, so its contact with the skin will make people feel soft and comfortable.

2, Pure cotton towels are heat-resistant and durable : Pure cotton fabrics have good heat resistance, 

When the temperature is below 110 degrees Celsius, it will only cause evaporation of water on the fabric and will not damage the fibers, Therefore, pure cotton fabrics at room temperature, washing, printing and dyeing have no effect on the fabric, thus improving the washability and durability of pure cotton fabrics.

3, Pure cotton towels have alkali resistance : Cotton fibers are highly resistant to alkali,cotton fibers in alkali solution, the fibers do not destroy the phenomenon,This property is beneficial to the cleaning of pollution after use, disinfection and impurity removal, but also for pure cotton textiles dyeing, printing and various processes, to produce more new varieties of cotton fabric.

How to nurse :

1,  Nursing according to label instructions.

2, Selective detergent with mild performance.

Avoid dumping detergent directly on the towel, otherwise, the residual detergent will discolor the towel. Use chlorine bleaching agent as little as possible.

3, Avoid overheated water temperature when washing.

Wash dark and light towels separately, Do not wash towels with clothes with zippers, hooks or buttons to avoid damaging towel coils.Do not wash towels with clothing that contains zippers, hooks or buttons,  to avoid damaging towel coils.

Don't wash the towels and clothes together, The terry fabric will wrap the light and soft clothes inside, and the fine cotton wool falling off the towels will stick to the clothes, which will affect the appearance of the clothes.

Tips :

The towel should be air-dried naturally after washing, not in wet condition for a long time, and not exposed to the sun for a long time.