About Microfiber Towel Tips

- May 08, 2019-

1, in the cleaning of furniture, household appliances, kitchenware, sanitary ware, floor, shoes, clothing, be sure to use a wet towel, can not use dry towel, because dry towel dirty is not easy to clean.2, special tip: towel with dirty or sticky tea (stain) must be cleaned in time, not for half a day or even a day after the cleaning.3, wash the dish towel can not be used to wash the iron pot, especially the rusty iron pot, iron pot rust will be towel absorption, not easy to clean.4. Do not iron the towel with an iron, and do not touch hot water above 60 degrees.5, can not wash with other clothes in the washing machine (towel adsorption is too strong, if washed together, will stick to a lot of hair, dirty things), can not use bleach and wash towel and other products.6, the skin of young people and babies in the early use, the use of beauty towels do not too hard, gently rub, a few days later will be no problem.(because ultrafine towel is quite fine, it is 1/200 of hair silk, clean very thoroughly, adsorption is stronger).Wet towels rot more easily than dry ones and are prone to germs.